Warpt was born in the small coastal village of Munchausen, Germany. His youth was most touched by a single event, the virtuoso performance by Bavarian Princess Kissel Streuselkuchen. He desperately tried to gain an audience with her, but it was not to be. However, by waiting patiently near her carriage before her departure, he caught a solitary backward glance from her. As she looked deep into his eyes, she said only a single word to him. "Now!" Then she turned away and disappeared from his life.
It was around this time when Warpt first began wandering the beaches around his village. After wandering many miles of coastline, he discovered a group of sea turtles and began a strange interaction with them. The sea turtles did not speak, write, or sketch. Instead, they seemed to communicate with his mind directly when he was around them. They gave him many fantastical worlds to experience, but slowly he began to realize that they had a goal in interacting with him. This direct line of communication needed to be shared with others whom the turtles could not reach.
However, Warpt knew that speech and writing would not be able to express the message, so he turned to music. After experimenting with many forms, Warpt knew that a single lifetime would not be sufficient to express the edict of the turtles. In his despair, he returned to the coast where he found the turtles waiting for him. The turtles already knew his innermost thoughts and chuckled at his despair. Despite the inconclusiveness of his work, the turtles told him, "Don't worry! The Game Continues!"
Here is the continual genesis and expression of the message for Warpt.